Enterprise Tenet: Honesty and Noble Character as Foothold
    In order to create brand value of our products and develop our enterprise into the best stainless steel enterprise, Chengde Group is operated by setting foothold on honesty and noble character. __________________________________________________________________________
Enterprise Spirit: Devotion, Dedication, Cooperation and Innovation
    "Devotion" is an attitude that requires the staffs devoting themselves to the Group, working in the interest of the enterprise, working harder and actively fulfilling their own responsibilities.
    "Dedication" is a commitment and responsibility to our career that requires constant pursuit for perfection and thoroughness. Only staffs who dedicate their lives to work can be entrusted with important post.
    "Cooperation" means that every staff in the Group has to cooperate with and support each other in their work. Individuals are subject to team-work. Without team-work, one can hardly achieve great success in our enterprise.
    "Innovation" is the core competency from which the vitality of our enterprise can be derived. Innovation based on successful experience is the key to win in the fierce competition.
Management Concept: Persisting on people oriented, Creating a win-win situation for staff and enterprise, Encouraging moderate competition and Setting a proper rewards and penalties system

Business Concept: Surviving by quality and developing by science and technology