The company decided to adjust project planning

2018-06-27 18:03:31

The company decided to adjust project planning, accelerating, the original planning project process in phase ii, stages the third-phase project construction of 1,450 -arc furnace, same strip started construction. Phase ii project investment 16 billion yuan, planning the 36000KVA built 8 pedestals -arc furnace, annual output of 600,000 tons of production scale, mainly for the reduction smelting ores, to produce high quality nickel ferroalloy, rich company product structure plays an extremely important role. Phase iii project investment 20 billion yuan, planning 1450MM strip the production line and built a follow-up process of solid solution treatment on this basis, the depth development industry chain, form products intensiveprocessing, will greatly improve the nickel chrome added value of products, through the cold tandem, products, system pipe and hardware processing and other production areas, as long as digestive 50%, 80 million tons, can create a nearly 200 billion value.