Warmly celebrate beihai sincere DE nickel industry Co., LTD, first phase project completed smoothly into production

2018-06-27 18:02:09

 The 2011 March 21, a happy day, as the company development journey another important marks on TieShanGang enterprise located in guangxi, the north sea sincere linhai industrial zone DE nickel industry production phase I project completed smoothly, the modernization of production equipment, advanced process flow, elegant factory environment will uncover the company for the development of new chapter. Beihai party secretary WangXiaoDong, deputy secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor even farming, beihai sincere friends DE nickel industry limited company chairman leaf, and the chairman, beihai xiang cheng DE nickel industry Co., LTD, deputy chairman LiQuan etc for new project and attended the ceremony was open to cut the ribbon. More than 150 home customer representatives and brother unit chief to company new project smoothly celebrate. Production says

   In the enterprise the government's vigorously support and the help, the company in 2009 and beibu bay Shared by international psa composed beihai sincere DE nickel industry limited company, the total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, annual nickel chrome 1.6 million tons of new material. Projects up to postpartum, will achieve output of 300 million yuan, tax 20 billion yuan. This project using lingang advantaged condition and psa has the advantage of the whole logistics supplier of raw materials for the whole trade, logistics services, will directly from the raw material of mine supply to factories, port decrease of the intermediate links, and greatly reduce logistics cost. Using the industry production within the "long process most advanced production process," is more strict control emissions, the measures have production efficiency at the same time can realize zero emission standards, further promote energy consumption and pollution reduction targets.

   The primary project is a year ago formally started construction, create a similar project construction speed record. Issue project has completed investment of 30 million yuan RMB, the sintering system, early finish refined system, refined system and supporting facilities, and formed a production capacity of 60 million tons of nickel chrome slab, achieve output of 100 million yuan, profit tax 10 billion yuan of scale. Meanwhile, phase ii, three phases in the midst of project has also push, rotary kiln -arc furnace system will be put into production in the second half of this year. 2012 is completed, will form phase compound, product process far, cost intensive and high value-added nickel alloy industry.