Power system construction of basis supporting facilities

2018-06-27 18:06:43

Beihai sincere DE nickel industry Co., LTD, new material project since January 9, 2010, now just started a year since expired. Just a year time, construction project got leaders at various levels of support and enthusiastic care, autonomous regions, and enterprise leadership many times you project site, special event held for project construction, the direction, the platoon difficulties, raising speed. At present, the issue of planning and construction of sintering workshop, initial refined workshop, refining workshop as main body project engineering and the facilities with the main process equation stood, substation, linme kiln etc have basic completed, the follow-up is MiLuoJinGu on roads, water supply system, electrical system and other basic facilities of construction, in ensuring quality premise for the end of January 2011 before trial production.