NDRC requirements coal enterprise stability coal prices or rise next year contract impasse

2018-06-27 18:07:44

Next year's contract -4% or came to naught. The national development and reform commission CaoChangQing 1 price department priests in shanxi coal and electricity part production and operation of enterprises symposium on says, current, coal enterprise to insure the safe premise to increase production, safeguarding supply, keeping prices stable.

   CaoChangQing said, according to the state council and the coal enterprise development and reform commission documents pertaining to the requirements, strict price self-discipline. The 2011 key contract to maintain power coal prices will remain unchanged in 2010, must not with any forms a premium. Coal production and marketing enterprises may not human interference and hype coal prices, consciously not price hikes, not to raise prices, maintaining market prices basically stable. He also requires coal production areas the government seriously liquidate all kinds of barriers hinder market operation, make enterprise do independent operation, ChanXu both sides meet directly, promote coal in the domestic market and the free flow of Seriously liquidate fees, reduce the burden of coal, electric power enterprise.

   A coal authorities told reporters in the management of inflation for the current top priority next year under the condition of the contract, mystery -4% will. This personage expresses, this policy will make partial power enterprise benefit.

   At present, the coal prices hit high spot market back two weeks after keep stable. Reporters from coal resources nets that JingTangGang area this week for optimal mixing coal prices 880-890 yuan/ton; Big mixed coal prices in 7.6-770 yuan/ton, coal prices keep stable for two weeks.

   Moreover, November qinhuangdao port coal prices fall to inventory, form the impact. It is reported, November 1, QinGang inventory for 702 million tons of coal, by November 30, while 573.1 tons, for stock drop of 18.36%.

   In this context, on December 1, shipping coal nets latest link bohai sea power coal price index showed that the average price of bohai sea power coal 794 yuan/ton, with the previous cut 2 yuan/ton, was like bohai sea power coal prices since its launch first appeared reduce small.

   Additional as we have learned, this week coal ocean freight change, also appeared on the rise substantially "diving". Qinhuangdao 2 to 3 million tons of ship type to Shanghai, zhangjiagang, guangzhou coal sea freight for 55 yuan/ton respectively, 60 yuan/ton, 90 yuan/ton, compared with last week were down prices, 13 yuan/ton, 13 yuan/ton and 8 yuan/ton.